[Dr.Jart]Control A Teatreement moisturizer Hydratant 50ml Weak Acid Spot Targeting Cream


* Acne sniper cream *


Control A Treatreement Moisturizer

Spot-targeting, non-surface moisturizer

with tea treatment to help balance PH and care for troubled skin


It is recommended for such people.

-Adolescent troubled skin

-Skin worrying spots due to irregular living

-Sensitive female skin once a month

-Steady skin with spots


* How to use *

1.Apply a proper amount evenly on the face of the cream

(after toner and serum) and spread it evenly over your face.

2. Tap lightly to absorb the contents.


* Main Ingredient *

Tea Tree Leaf Extract 815,080ppm

Fast moisture supply and pore convergence

Tea Tree Leaf Oil 1000ppm

Sensitive skin protection and sebum control for problem skin care

4-terpineol 0.5 ppm

Extracts the main components of tea tree leaves

and soothes powerfully even in small amounts