[Huxley] Moist Foundation Own Attitude 30ml


Huxley Moist Foundation Own Attitude 30ml

Moist foundation that helps moist and natural skin expression
with a skin care base and a transparent, enhanced coverage

-Skin chewing test completed
-24-hour color persistence clinical test completed
-Completed clinical test to improve deep moisture (about 2.5mm deep moisture content)

* Moist and fresh skin care base containing Moroccan cactus ceramide
Moist and soft application like skin care products and a texture that provides a fresh finish without stickiness
*Forming a thin film on the skin surface to moisturize and cover lasting for 24 hours
'Filmformer' and'Elastomer Gel' act as a double to prevent moisture evaporation and form a thin film to improve durability.
*Cactus seed oil particles adhere closely to produce a transparent glow
Oil particles with a high refractive index adhere closely to the skin irregularities and scatter light to create a transparent glow

[Recommended for those with such skin problems.]

-Customers who like thin and transparent skin expression like my own
-Customers whose base is easily lifted due to low moisture retention in the skin
-Customers who want high persistence while making skin expression easier.

Natural neutral tone shade between warm and cool tone

01 white desert
No. 19~21, bright color with pink added to ivory undertone
02 sand
Light Beige Undertone Natural Color No. 21~22
03 Sand Dune
Medium beige undertone calm color No. 23