[Dr.Jart]Control A Teatreement Invisible Patch 15ml Spot sniper


Control A Tea Treatment Invisible Patch

Peel-off type transparent patch that covers green areas
with red skin and protects skin from external irritation

Recommended for such people.

-Adolescent troubled skin
-Skin worrying spots due to irregular living
-Sensitive female skin once a month
-Steady skin with spots

How to use

1. Before applying base makeup, apply appropriate

amount to skin where cover is needed.

2. Wait until the film is formed.

3. Completely base makeup on the film.

Night Care
After cleansing, place a thick face on the spot
at the last step of skin care on a clean face.

Main Ingredient

Tea Tree Leaf Extract739,394ppm

Fast moisture supply and pore convergence

Tea Tree Leaf Oil 1000ppm

Sensitive skin protection and sebum control for problem skin care

4-terpineol 0.05ppm

Extracts the main components of tea tree leaves and

soothes powerfully even in small amounts