Dr.Jart+ Dermask Pore Purifying Mud Mask Pack 13g x 5 Sheets

Dermask Pore Purifying Mud Mask 13g

A powerful piece that cleans pores!
Pore ​​care is possible without worrying about irritation with PHA and green mud,
which are hypoallergenic peeling ingredients.
*Green Mud: Small particles of clay give a soft feeling of adhesion
and are effective for sebum adsorption and exfoliation. Contains 10,000ppm
*PHA: A third generation hypoallergenic peeling ingredient following AHA and BHA,
and can be used on sensitive skin without worrying about irritation. Contains 1000ppm.
Green mud that closely adheres to the entire face
Specialized design that closely adheres to the nose area without being lifted

[Use in this case.]
-When you want low-irritation pore care
-When you need to improve uneven skin texture
-When you want to reduce skin shine
-When you need quick and simple but immediate pore care

[How to use]
Open the pouch, remove the white film on the upper and lower parts,
attach it to the face, and remove the transparent film.
After leaving for about 15 minutes, remove the sheet in the side direction,
wash it off with lukewarm water, and finish with basic care.