[Dr.Jart] Control A Teatreement Sooting Spot 15ml Speedy care


Control A Teatreetment Soothing Spot

Spot treatment solution that contains tea treatment,

calamine and sulfur to soothe the troubled areas quickly.

Main Ingredient

Tea Tree Leaf Extract 162,287ppm

Fast moisture supply and pore convergence

Tea Tree Leaf Oil 1000ppm
Sensitive skin protection and sebum control for problem skin care

4-terpineol 0.05ppm

Extracts the main components of tea tree leaves
and soothes powerfully even in small amounts

Calamine +99,000 ppm (9.9%)

50,000 ppm (5%) zinc

Dietary sulfur 20,000 ppm (2%)

How to use

Without shaking the container, dip the pink powder

that has sunk in the river with a cotton swab

and apply it to the area of concern.

* If you use the container without shaking,

it can produce synergy effect of spot care.