[Dr.Hows]Twinkle mini Stove Wing Ventilation For Heat Dissipation Child Lock Function,Twister Flame

Dr Hows Twinkle mini Stove

-A new type of stove that is completely separated by an integrated top plate
Since there is no separate gas cover, it is convenient to clean after cooking.
* If the top plate is stored upside down, there is a risk of product damage, so place it correctly before storing the case.
-Wing ventilation for heat dissipation
-Child lock function for children is applied
-Double safety device, minimize the risk from fire
When overpressure occurs in the butane gas container, the primary safety device reset button is activated to block gas flow, and when an abnormality occurs in the primary safety device, the secondary safety device ball is released and gas is discharged to minimize the risk of fire. do.
-Maximize thermal efficiency with twister flame
When ignited, it is a "salt-resistant type" in which the flame burns in a tornado shape. Compared to a stove of the same specification, the firepower is strong and heat loss is less, so gas consumption can be reduced. When used outside, the fire is not easily turned off even by the wind.
-White case for easy storage and portability

[How to use]
Align the grooves of the gas container with the burner, apply force to push it upward, and rotate it clockwise to fit.
When detaching, reverse the usage.
*When replacing the gas container, the top plate may become hot.
Use kitchen gloves to separate the top plate and then replace the gas container.

The top plate made of CR (Cold Rolled Steel Plate) may discolor when the heat rises above 200℃.
Please refrain from using a mini stove for direct grilling.