Dr.Groot Microbiome Genesic 7 Scaling Shampoo 250ml Relieve hair loss symptoms


Microbiome Genesic 7 Scaling Shampoo 250ml

*Relieve hair loss symptoms
*Improving the scalp ecosystem with balanced oil and moisture
* Deep cleansing of scalp pores as well as excess oil, dandruff, dead skin cells!
* Dandruff dead skin cells, crown odor, and skin that loses mochi -> Scaling shampoo to solve scalp troubles at once!
* Contains 9 plant-derived extracts other than rosemary extract
(Nem leaf extract, mugwort extract, green tea extract, chamomile extract, lemon balm/flower/stem water,
Marshmallow root extract, pot marigold flower extract, lady's menthol extract)
*With tip-type container, meticulously even the scalp!

[How to use]

Remove the round lid, which is the first packaging, and replace it with a rotary lid.
It is a rotary type discharge port that opens and closes by rotation, and can be used and locked by turning it left and right.
Use the pointed tip of the rotating cap to apply the solution directly to your scalp and hair, then rinse it off.
* Tip: It is good to use scaling shampoo twice a week and capsule shampoo daily.
After removing old dead skin cells with a scaling shampoo,
restore the power of the scalp with a scalp-enhancing capsule shampoo.