[Dr.FORHAIR] Folligen Scalp Pack 250ml x 2EA Relieve hair loss symptoms,irritated and dry scalp care


[Dr.FORHAIR] Folligen Scalp Pack 250ml

Foundation work for healthy scalp and hair
Functional scalp pack to relieve hair loss symptoms
Multi-pack that cares for irritated and dry scalp and damaged hair

-11 nutrients for healthy scalp and hair
-Contains polygen complex, a key ingredient to strengthen scalp, strengthens the scalp, and cares for vitality
Upgraded scalp absorption rate with nanofine particles that are 1/2500 or more smaller than scalp pores.
3 key ingredients that help strengthen the scalp-biotin, ceramide, saw palmetto extract
-Custom design container for scalp care
-Hair loss symptom relief care
-Scalp soothing, moisturizing care
Cypress leaf extract, Centella asiatica leaf extract, Aloe vera leaf extract, Phreatic Water, contains ceramide NP
-Hair shine and nutrition care [hydrolyzed collagen,
vegetable oil (jojoba seed oil, drumstick seed oil, argan kernel oil, apricot seed oil) ingredients]
-pH weak acid formula (pH 4.5~5.5 weak acid, comfortable and healthy scalp, hair care)
-Care for hair at once!

[How to use]

After shampooing or scalp scaler, pull open the cap, then make the end of the outlet contact the scalp
and apply it entirely between the scalp grains.
Massage gently and rinse off.
Use 1-2 times a week, and adjust the amount and frequency according to the scalp condition.
Keep the cap tightly closed after use.
Dispensing may be difficult if not used for a long time. In this case, close the cap and shake gently before use.