[Dr.Duo]Clean Plus Double Liner Toothpaste 110g x2EA Body/Refill Bad breath Plaque removal Whitening


Double Liner Toothpaste (Body / Refill) 110g
Dr. Duo Clean Plus

Bad breath removal
Plaque removal
Aesthetic effect

Why two line toothpaste?

Mixing technology of 1 substance and 2 substances!

Dr. Duo's carefully selected raw materials and patented blending technology suppresses harmful bacteria
and preserves beneficial bacteria, creating a clean oral environment.

What is the difference between two lines of toothpaste?

* Two lined toothpaste certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
* Strong smell removal
Antifrag effect
* Suppression of inducing bacteria such as tooth decay and syringe
* Keeps teeth white and enhances aesthetic effect
* Preservation of beneficial bacteria in the oral cavity, prevention of harmful bacteria

Dr. Duo Clean Plus is great for these people!

If you need frequent brushing
Worried about the disease
Those who have difficulty in daily life due to bad breath
If you are worried about tooth decay
If you have bad breath due to frequent coffee or smoking
Teeth discoloration in progress
Those who want to prevent tooth decay

How to use

1.Open the top white lid.
2. Push while pushing the gear part located in the middle.
3. You can use only small amount.

How to replace refill

Check the protrusions on the side of the product as shown below,
and twist them left and right to separate and combine the products.

1. Check the right side of the toothpaste, and turn the refilled part of the toothpaste as shown in the picture.
2. Separate the refill and body parts of the toothpaste.
3. Remove the tinfoil at the bottom of the refill, and then combine it by looking at the front and back blemishes.
4. Check the right side of the toothpaste, and turn the refilled part of the toothpaste as shown in the picture.
Product Separation: The refill is removed by turning the square protrusion of the refill in the direction of the circular protrusion of the product.
Combining the product: Insert the square protrusions of the refill into the circular protrusions of the product, and then turn them so that the square protrusions of the product and the rectangular protrusions of the refill meet.