[Dr. Different] Vita A Cream 20g (0.05%) Aging Night Cream / Moisturizer


Dr. Different Vita A Cream 20g (0.05%) Aging

-Vitamin A: Contains 0.05% re·tinal, night cream
A very effective ingredient that cares for all skin tone, texture and elasticity.

-Special treatment cream that cares for 3T of the skin

What is 3T of skin?
These are the representative factors that affect skin aging as terms such as skin tone, texture, and elasticity.

-Stabilized with Niosome technology to reduce skin irritation immediately after application and enhance the effect

[Recommended for such a person]

-Those who need wrinkle and elasticity care over time
-Those who want to improve rough skin and widened pores
-Those who want to care for dull skin with bright and vibrant skin

[How to use]

In the evening skin care cream stage,
take a pea-sized amount and absorb it thinly over the face.

Vitamin A re·tinal ingredients are weak against light and ultraviolet rays,
so use only as a night cream.

In the case of sensitive skin,
redness and dead skin cells may sometimes occur at the beginning of use,

but this is a normal reaction, and it adapts to the skin when used continuously.

For extremely sensitive skin,
mix it with the rejuvenating cream you are using,
then use it alone after your skin has adapted.