DR.DEEP Multi Emulsion 150ml Made with ionic minerals ,herbal ingredients For infants pregnant women

DR.DEEP Multi Emulsion 150ml

-Prevents skin damage such as dry itchy skin in infants,
sensitive dry skin in adults, and roughness
-Dr. Deep Cosmetics made with ionic minerals and herbal ingredients that safeguard infants and pregnant women
-Relieves dry itchy skin by supplying moisture and nutrition to the skin
-Contains natural herb extract
-Smooth and shiny skin care
-Use natural essential oil fragrance instead of artificial fragrance (lavender, lemon, orange, etc.)
-It is a milky white lotion type with no artificial coloring added.
It spreads smoothly and is absorbed quickly and refreshingly.

How to use
Use 1-2 times in the morning and evening.
Sensitive, very dry skin: Use 2~3 times at the beginning
Depending on the skin condition, gradually increase the number of times to 4-6 times.