Dr. Bio Ointment Multi Balm 90g[Face, Body] Moisturizing soothing Ato Cream moisturizer


Dr. Bio Ointment Multi Balm 90g
 [Face &Body]

Moisturizing soothing Ato, moisturizing cream for the whole family from adults to babies, balm

-All ingredients of EWG green grade that can be used by the whole family from babies to adults
-Moisture moisture + moisture retention + soothing moisture with macadamia seed oil
-Contains biosaccharide gum-1 to maintain moisture inside the skin by forming a moisture film
-A melting texture that gently melts into the skin without stickiness with a sherbet formula

[How to use]

Since it melts at body temperature,
apply the heat while gently massaging the area that needs moisturization using the heat of your fingers.
At the end of the basic stage, you can reapply on the areas you need.
Apply on areas that require high moisturization and soothing skin.
* When you need skin soothing on dry and sensitive skin
* When going out in the season when there are many outdoor activities, apply it to the areas that are easily open to moisturize.
* Apply frequently when skin is dry and irritated.