[Dr.BIO] Moisturizing Cream 300ml Natural Body Moisture Organic Ato Cream EWG Green Grade


Dr. Bio Moisturizing Cream 300ml 

Natural Body Moisture Organic Ato Cream

Completed skin irritation test
EWG Green Grade
Large capacity

-Iron wall moisturizing care that fills the skin with moisture
Ceramide NP: Soothes the skin, maintains moisture and moisture
Allantoin: Reinforces moisture hydration, strengthens moisture retention
Betaine: keeps moisture and moisture
Panthenol: moisture supply and moisturizing effect
-Contains 7 plant-derived extracts to moisturize both the outside and inside of the skin
-Maintains oil and moisture skin balance to maintain smooth and moist skin
-EWG green grade, all ingredients that can be used by the whole family from children to adults

* Xylityl glucoside
Dr. Bio's unique bio tree complex construction method
It is a moisturizing body that combines naturally-derived xylitol and glucose.
It is a moisture moisturizer that promotes excellent hydration and keeps skin moist for a long time.
Off-white creamy formulation, soft application like applying moisturizing cream.

[How to use]
After using skin care, take an appropriate amount and spread evenly on the face.
When the skin is very dry, apply thinly once more.