Dr. Bio Eco All-in-One Cleanser Body Wash 500ml Shampoo/ Face Foam

Dr. Bio Eco All-in-One Cleanser500ml 

Shampoo, body wash, cleansing foam all-in-one product

A cleanser that protects the safe and gentle skin of our
family made with plant-derived ingredients that nurture the skin's natural power!
Skin hypoallergenic test completed
EWG Green Grade

-Moisturizing cleanser that lasts a long time without pulling after washing or showering
-Moisturizing and moisturizing balancing according to the pH and weak acidity index, which is ideal for skin
-Hypoallergenic cleanser using a coconut-derived plant-derived surfactant
-EWG green grade, all ingredients that can be used by the whole family from children to adults
-Xylityl glucoside: A moisturizing body that combines naturally-derived xylitol and glucose.
It is a moisturizing agent that promotes excellent hydration and keeps skin moist for a long time.
-Contains 7 plant-derived extracts
-Texture: Colorless flowing and thin formulation
Clear formulation that flows without artificially entering thickener
[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount over the wet face, head, and whole body,
make enough foam, rub lightly like a massage, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.