[Dr BangGiWon]Moiselle Shampoo 500ml Floral Musk Scent, For Female Hair loss Care

Hair loss management solution for female hair loss care

Moiselle Women's Hair Loss Shampoo 500ml

Alleviation of hair loss symptoms
Skin hypoallergenic test completed
Root Volume Care-Contains pomegranate extract
Hypoallergenic safe ingredient-Naturally derived surfactant
Hypoallergenic slightly acidic formula-PH5.5 slightly acidic

3 key ingredients for female hair loss care
Scalp pore cleaning-salicylic acid
Improvement of scalp problem-Dexpanthenol
Scalp Hair Protection-Niacinamide

Floral Musk Scent: The feminine scent of rose and jasmine contrasts with the freshness of citrus,
while the deep and rich scent of oriental woody amber gives a sensual and addictive scent.