[Dr.atoby] Barrier Care Soothing Gel 200ml pH 5.5 a Skin-Derived Patent Lactobacillus

Dr.atoby barrier care soothing gel 200ml

For itching and irritation care, it is a skin-derived patent lactobacillus,
and it is a true information and moisture care!

Skin irritation & damage relief-clinical completion
0% irritation, all ingredients EWG green!
Itching relief clinical completion
Reinforcement of barriers of original ingredients
Weakly acidic pH 5.5 formula
*Lactobacillus needed for skin only
*Easy to soothe the skin with patented ingredients that relieve epilepsy.
* Moisturizing barrier that does not break due to 5-ply ceramide
* Quickly calms sensitive and itchy eye skin irritated by diapers and clothes.

A fresh and moist formulation without stickiness with natural ingredients