[Dr.atoby] Barrier Care Bath Shampoo 350ml Fine Dust 85% Cleaning pH 5.5 Lactic Acid Bacteria Bubble

Dr.atoby barrier care bath & shampoo 350ml

Cleans the skin tired from fine dust and irritation
with a slightly acidic lactic acid bacteria bubble.

*Fine dust 85% cleaning
*Stimulation 0% //0% irritation, all ingredients EWG green!
* Barrier reinforced original ingredients
*Weakly acidic pH 5.5 formula-A safe formula that improves oil and moisture balance and skin defenses
* Mild cleansing with natural surfactant.
*Lactobacillus needed for skin only
*Easy to soothe the skin with patented ingredients that relieve epilepsy.
* Moisturizing barrier that does not break due to 5-ply ceramide
*Naturally-derived moisturizing membrane-A tightly-derived natural moisturizing membrane that protects the child's scalp
and skin during showering (panthenol, hyaluronic acid, oil complex)