[DPC] Premium V Effect x2 SERUM 33g Vita C 25%+Hyaluron M8 Moisturizing Antioxidant


Premium V Effect Vitamin Double Serum 33g

Feel the power of 25% pure vitamins born after 5 years of research.

1. Pure vitamin C 25%
Amazing sticky comfort without stickiness
2. No water.
3. Fresh. Every day, until the last drop, fresh.
4. It is transparent.

[Use tips to increase effectiveness]
* When used with other foundations, please absorb vitamin serum thoroughly before use.
* When used in the morning, it is safe to use even during the day if you finish it with an ultraviolet ray blocker.
* In case of exfoliation / peeling / laser procedure / shaving to peel off the skin, please avoid using it immediately.

[How to use airless containers]
* Pump the container by tilting the container 90 degrees to make the discharge port and the ground vertical.
 Please note that when used at an angle, the liquid contents may flow into the container.
Please keep in mind that the entrance may be clogged if the residue continues to flow and accumulate.

* When pumping, be sure to press the center of the head down to the end of the button.
 Please note that the dual contents may be discharged differently when pumping to one side.
* After use, be sure to close the lid and store it upright.
Refrigerated storage NO! Please keep it in a cool place away from sunlight at room temperature.