[DongWon]Korean Food Canned Gat Kimchi 160g x 5/10EA Premium Stir-Fried Gat Kimchi/Kimchi 80g x 5EA


Yangban Got Kimchi 160g

Special delicacy kimchi made with 100% natural ingredients and deep flavor natural broth

100% Korean domestic vegetables
The special seasoning of the Yangban brand adds a deep flavor.
Lively Kimchi Lactobacillus- Adds leukonostok bacteria to keep the original freshness for a long time.
Pasteurized packaging, you can always enjoy unchanging taste + live texture.
You can eat well-cooked gat kimchi right away.
Bite size that you can eat right away!
It is convenient to eat as it is cut into 3~4 cm size that is easy to eat in a bite.

Stir-fried Kimchi / Gat Kimchi
with premium butter 80g

Storage at room temperature No worry about storage!
Pasteurization improves the texture!
Convenient and hygienic storage and eating with pouch type
Both room temperature storage and refrigeration storage are possible.
Made hygienic by HACCP certified facilities.

The kimchi made with carefully selected natural ingredients is cooked
in a 100% pot with vegetables and premium butter, and the flavor and rich flavor are alive.

Stir-fried Kimchi

Stir-fried Kimchi Gat Kimchi