Dongwon yangban Jangjorim - Quail Egg / Beef/Pork/ Octopus whole meat 270g x 4EA With Konjac

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Yangban Jangjorim

-Special yangban soy sauce and whole lean meat, full of subsidiary ingredients
-The high temperature treatment method makes the lean meat soft and the seafood chewy texture improves!
-It is contained in a container, so it can be eaten immediately, and it is also possible to warm it in a microwave.
* When cooking in a microwave oven, be sure to open the aluminum lid before using.
-It contains bite konjac.
-Delicious as a side dish at home, convenient as a camping side dish, and convenient when eating alone.

Yangban pork jangjorim 270g

Yangban quail egg jangjorim 270g

Yangban Jang-jorim - Octopus whole meat 270g 

Yangban beef jangjorim 270g