Dongseo Tara Classic black tea 20T- Green Tea /Mango Peach/Darjeeling/ Earl Gray/English Breakfast


A premium tea brand'TARA' in autumn when a cup of hot tea goes well with
By using only'Orange Peco' carefully selected by a professional tea master,
the astringent and bitter taste is reduced and the soft taste and aroma of the tea are maximized.

Dongseo Tara Classic Green Tea 1.3g x 20T
Only carefully grown young tea leaves are carefully steamed
and roasted to contain a subtle umami and soft green tea scent.

Dongseo Foods Tara Classic Mango Peach 1.8g x 20T

It is a blend of high-quality black tea with fresh natural mango scent and peach scent.
It is also good to enjoy as milk tea or iced tea.

Dongseo Foods Tara Classic Darjeeling 1.5g x 20T

With oxidized black tea, you can feel the refreshing taste and
moist grass scent of the soft tea leaves grown in the alpine regions.

Dongseo Foods Tara Classic Earl Gray 1.8g x 20T

The rich bergamot scent is exquisite,
and it is perfect for enjoying afternoon rest.

Dongseo Foods Tara Classic English Breakfast  1.8g x 20T

It is good for anyone to feel the soft scent of black tea.