Dongseo Bellflower + Sword bean Tea (0.9 g x 40T) x2Box Traditional Tea

Dongseo Bellflower Sword Bean Tea 0.9 x 40T

It is recommended to drink in spring when the respiratory system is sensitive to fine dust,
yellow sand, and pollen by blending roasted sword bean, bellflower, and brown rice.
Bellflower contains saponin, so it can help a healthy life.
Sword beans contain uraase, canabanine, and canavaria gibberellin,
and have been used to keep the nose healthy.
-Contains 35% roasted sword beans, 30% roasted bellflowers,
5% roasted sword beans pods, and 30% roasted brown rice.

[How to drink]

Put 1 tea bag into a cup, pour 100ml of water at 80℃,
shake the tea bag several times after 1-2 minutes, and drink.

How to drink cold water: Put 1 tea bag in a cup, pour 120 ml of cold water,
shake the tea bag several times after 3-4 minutes, you can enjoy delicious Dongseo Bellflower Sword Bean Tea.