[DongKook]Bellflower With Pear Quince Jelly (20g x 15P) x 2/4Box

Bellflower pear quince jelly 20g x 15 packets

65% quince concentrated juice [100% quince from Turkey]
Pear concentrate 30% [Korean pear 100%]
Black bellflower concentrate 3% [Korean bellflower solid content 60%]
Anheung thick jelly that doesn't mix with a drop of water
Neck health with one bag a day
Steam 9 times, dried 9 times, fermented black bellflower, from antioxidant (saponin) to bronchial health (inulin).

[Recommended for such people.]

-Those who use a lot of wood
-Those who need health care during the season
-Those who have difficulty with the bitter taste of bellflower

[How to take]
Be sure to chew and consume 1 to 2 times a day, 1 packet once.