[Dong-A Pharmaceutical] Bacchus flavor jelly 50g x 5/10/20EA Jelly in Jelly

Bacchus taste as it is,
Bacchus flavor jelly 50g
Jelly in Jelly

-It is made in a HACCP certification facility, so it is more secure.
-If you chew it, the juice will pop!
The jelly contains Bacchus flavored fruit juice, making it even more delicious.
-Full of vitamins!
It is healthy because it contains vitamins B1, B2, and B6.
-Contains taurine!
One 50g bag of Bacchus flavored jelly contains 1000mg of taurine.
-Pocket size allows you to easily carry it in your bag and pocket.
-If you eat it frozen, the texture is more chewy.