[Dodow] Sleep Induction Lamp-Invention Of People Who Directly Suffered From Insomnia

Dodow sleep induction lamp 

Invention of people who directly suffered from insomnia 

* Fall into a deeper sleep more easily, 2.5 times faster.
*Soft blue light that relaxes in a natural way
*With a soft light of less than 1 lux, it does not interfere with the sleep rhythm as it is similar to a single candle illuminating the room evenly.
It helps us to sleep faster, easier, and deeper by relaxing our body.
*If you breathe 6 times a minute with Dodow, the parasympathetic nerve related to the resting is activated and you fall asleep.
*Dodow's repeated blue light reduces many thoughts.

[How to use]

*Put the Dodow near my bed by the bedside.
*Touch the Dodow lightly. Touch once to start 8-minute mode and touch twice to start 20-minute mode.
* Inhale slowly when the blue light of the Dodow grows, and exhale when it becomes small, breathe slowly to the rhythm of the light.
* When the selected 8-minute mode or 20-minute mode is ended, the Dodow is automatically turned off.
-The softly repeated blue light of the Dodow can be adjusted to your liking.
Press the Dodow lightly for 3 seconds while the power is off.
Every time you lightly touch it, the brightness changes in three steps.
Press lightly for 3 seconds again to save your own light.
-With 3 AAA size batteries, it can be used for a long time without worrying about charging.
It can be used for about 90 days based on 20 minute mode usage.
-The size of the palm of your hand, even when you go on a business trip or travel, you don't have to worry about jet lag with Dodow!