Diomer Recovery System Skin 120ml +Lotion 120ml Highly concentrated essence skin tremendous moisture

Diomer Recovery System Skin 120ml +Lotion 120ml  Set

Light yet moist formulation

-Tomatidine lowers skin aging
Green tomatoes have higher tomatidine content than red tomatoes!
-Non-irritating cosmetics with various vegetable extracts
The fact that it has a soothing and whitening effect by conditioning the skin with extracts such as persimmon tree leaves, licorice extract, incandescent skin extract, and evening primrose extract!
-Strongly recommended for sensitive skin

-Highly concentrated essence skin texture that fills the skin with moisture
-A recovery system lotion that maintains the skin's oil and moisture balance!
A thin emulsion type lotion with a light texture, tremendous moisture, and moisture without stickiness.

[Recommended for these people.]
-People who are looking for cosmetics with less irritation with sensitive skin
-Dry skin with severe tightness
-Skin with oil and moisture balance
-Oily skin with exceptionally greasy skin
-Moisture-poor skin that is applicable to all skin bundles!

[How to use]
Skin: After cleansing, moisten an appropriate amount with cotton and apply gently to the face and neck.
Lotion: After using the skin, take an appropriate amount and gently spread over the face and neck area and pat gently for absorption.