Diomer Daily Sun Cream 70ml(SPF50 PA+++ )Shiny, sticky NO! High sun protection index Natural tone-up

Diomer Daily Sun Cream 70ml
(SPF50 PA+++)

Shiny, sticky NO!
High sun protection index!
Natural tone-up effect
It contains natural protectors, 7 natural ingredients that are safe for the human body.
It fits not only oily and dry, but also acne and trouble sensitive skin without irritation.
It features a creamy and soft texture.
It is a product that is used as a base makeup combination,
and you can see a tone-up effect that brightens the face with just one application.
The natural tone-up effect makes it possible to create natural skin regardless of age or sex.

If you apply BB cream and foundation after applying daily sun cream,
you can express skin with high adhesion without floating, so it is also a perfect makeup booster role.
The waterproof function is also very good, so it is not easily removed by sweat or water.

[Recommended for these people.]

-Those who hate thick makeup but want to cover their face
-Men who need non-tiny tone correction
-People who want to solve both UV rays and face when going out in front of the house
-Those who want to reduce the steps when making up
-Those who are active outdoors
-Those who want to continuously feel the sunscreen effect
-I do not like the unique scent and heavy feeling of sunscreen

[How to use]
At the last step of the basic care, apply evenly to the skin,
such as face, neck, arms, and legs, which are prone to UV light.