[Dietoumi]Posture Correction Riding Cushion Spine Straight Posture Saddle

New Concept Posture Correction Cushion

Whenever you sit down, keep your muscles active to keep your balance naturally.
As a result, it creates a habit of maintaining health only by sedentary daily life.
The ergonomic seat design makes it portable and applicable to all chairs.
The spherical structure of the lower part of the saddle makes it possible to maintain strength training anytime,
anywhere, and converts life into exercise.
-Stay healthy by changing your posture completely.
-Just by sitting on the dietomi, it naturally holds the wrong posture.
-The core muscles inside the trunk and buttocks are strengthened just by sitting on the dietoumi.
-Just by sitting on the die-to-mi, it improves the sense of balance of the body and balances the neck, shoulders, waist, and hips at once.
* Daiatoumi's sitting position stimulates and strengthens the back, abdominal and hip muscles.
As the muscles react to the new posture, the posture is gradually corrected.
*Improve upper body strength: improve the muscles of the shoulders and back, maintain a more stable body shape
*Improvement of physical activity: Because the sitting posture is higher than usual, it is easy and quick to get up.

[Recommended for these people]
-Students and office workers who spend a lot of time sitting
-Those who have a busy schedule and do not have enough time to receive posture correction or exercise by investing time separately.
-Those who need exercise to correct their posture, those who want a slim and balanced body through posture correction.