Dewy Cell Turn-On Cream 50ml Whitening / Anti- Wrinkle

Dewy Cell Turn-On Cream 50ml
Whitening / Anti- Wrinkle

Light up your skin with 5 Plus
-Brightly filled with tone-up powder.
-Contains elastomer gel component
It smoothes out the unevenness of the skin,
(An elastomer gel is a translucent,
high-viscosity gel-like oil that absorbs oil or sebum on the surface of the skin to help control greasyness, and it has a soft and silky feeling that
has less stickiness and retains moisture to keep it moist.)
-10 Vita Complex
Healthy skin that shines brightly with 10 vitamins
-White Flower Complex
Eight kinds of white flowers (brightened freesia extract, lotus extract, lily extract, trumpet narcissus extract, rose extract, edelweiss callus culture extract, iris extract, jasmine extract) brighten the face.
-Remarkable moisture power of polymer
Maintains moist skin with a feeling of water bursting when applied.* 3D tone-up powder unique to Deweycell
Reflector effect that reflects the light of the skin in various directions!
* Turn-on 2 complex
Niacinamide + White Flower Complex

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount of the contents and spread evenly on the face, then let it absorb well. Besides the face, it can be used on areas where you want to express clean skin.