Dermatory Pro Hyalshot Moisture Toner Pad 180ml /70sheets 3500Da hyaluronic acid essence PHA 1%

Pro Hyalshot Moisture Toner Pad 180ml /70sheets

-Moisture magnetic low molecular weight 3500Da hyaluronic acid essence
-Remove dead skin cells and recharge water at the same time!
Contains 1% PHA, mild peeling.
What is PHA-It has a large molecular structure and is effective in preparing dead skin cells on the skin surface.
Excellent moisture binding ability, moisturizes dry skin, helping to tidy up the skin texture.
-180ml capacity of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid water light toner
is put in one container so that the pad does not dry out easily and can always be used moist.
-Hypoallergenic pad for daily use
-Moist moisture pad

[How to use]
Clean the entire face with the soft side of the pad to replenish the skin while replenishing it.
Turn the pad over and wipe the nose, forehead, chin, and other areas
that need to be intensively removed from dead skin cells and impurities with a convex surface.