[Dermalogica] Daily Microfoliant 74g

Daily Microfoliant 74g

Hypoallergenic exfoliant for daily use
It is a non-irritating exfoliant that does not burden the skin even with daily use.
Exfoliator is a must-have item these days when your skin is dry and flaky!

- As an enzyme type, rice and rice bran extracts remove unnecessary stratum corneum and wastes in pores to remove dead skin cells, alleviating pigmentation, and brightening the skin.

-Hypoallergenic exfoliant for all skin types
It removes only the 1st and 2nd layers of the stratum corneum, which are unnecessary phytic acid in rice and rice bran extracts, making the skin soft and smooth without irritating the skin.

- Deep cleansing to the inside of the pores
Papain enzyme, a protein decomposing component, removes old dead skin cells from the skin,
and salicylic acid helps deep cleansing and removes wastes from pores.

-Clean skin tone
The brightening complex of bilberry leaves,
aspergillus and grapefruit brightens and brightens the overall skin tone.

[How to use]
Mix half a teaspoon with water well to create a lather.
At this time, all the granules should be melted.
Enzymes are most active between 35 and 40 degrees,
so using a little warm water allows for more effective exfoliation.
Apply foam avoiding the eyes and mouth area, massage gently,
and rinse with lukewarm water.
If your skin is sensitive,
it is also good to leave the foam on for 1 to 2 minutes before washing your face.
It can be used as a whole body exfoliant by massaging
the whole body because it causes little irritation when using the skin.
In addition, it has the effect of brightening the
skin tone when used on pigmented areas such as elbows and armpits.