Dermagen Egensia Cream 50g Post Laser Soothes irritated and damaged skin,Moisturizing Salmon Egg.EGF

Dermagen Egensia Cream 50g

Dermagen Egensia Cream that soothes and cares for irritated and damaged skin,
and helps to moisturize to create healthy skin
-Refreshing Egensia Cream without stickiness
-Skin irritation 0.00%, cream for sensitive skin
-Cooling and moisturizing effect to hold fast-dry skin tightly
-Contains high concentration Centella extract, EGF ingredient, and salmon roe extract
-No harmful ingredients
No added parabens, silicones, artificial colors, benzophenones, triethanolamines, and polyacrylamides
-Allergens NO
No addition of amylcinnamal, cinnamyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, eugenol
-Weak acid cream

[Recommended for such skin.]
-Sensitive skin that needs quick soothing management
-Sensitive skin irritated by frequent mask wear
-Dry skin that needs moisture and nutrition
-Skin that needs damage care and prevention
-When you feel that skin care is difficult with only a nutrient cream or moisture cream!

[How to use]
Apply an appropriate amount (1ml) gently on the face in the morning and evening,
it is better if you reapply it frequently.

To soothe sensitive skin, spread the cream thickly, and when going to bed,
it helps to calm the skin overnight, helping to make the skin healthy and smooth.
It can be used on all skin regardless of skin type.
Apply frequently for 3 days immediately after laser treatment to maintain skin moisturization.