[Denucell] Extra Repair Regeneration Stem Cell Cream 50ml

Extra Repair Regeneration Stem Cell Cream 50ml

Stem Cell Energy Solution for Stretched and Lost Skin
Nutritious cream that manages skin firmness with stem cell energy

*Wrinkle skin energy care
It contains 1000ppm of 5 kinds of plant stem cell extract and water-soluble proteoglycan ingredient extracted from salmon nose cartilage,
which helps to maintain sagging and elasticity of the skin with strong and firm skin.

* Nutrition intensive charging
It contains patented ingredients and active ingredients to replenish nutrients in the skin and manage them with healthy skin.

* Moisture supply strong moisture
It replenishes the skin with moist skin and contains horse fat ingredients to help maintain strong moisture.

*Whitening/Wrinkle improvement dual functionality
A whitening/wrinkle improvement dual-functional cream that helps solve complex skin problems.

Main ingredients

-Snail mucus filtrate: The ingredient'mucin' in the snail extract helps calm and protect sensitive skin from external harmful environments.
-Callus culture extract complex: 5 kinds of plant stem cells (green tea, damask rose, lotus, yuzu tree, tomato) extract supplement nutrition
and moisture to the skin and help to make it healthy and firm skin.
-Proteoglycan: Water-soluble proteoglycan extracted from salmon's nose, along with hyaluronic acid,
constitutes the dermal layer of cartilage and skin, and helps skin elasticity and moisturizing.
-Squalane: It is an ingredient obtained from olive oil and helps moisturize and regenerate skin.
-Adenosine: Helps vitality and elasticity of the skin.