[Denucell] Sebum EX PH Balance Ampoule Mask 25g x 5EA


Sebum EX PH Balance Ampoule Mask 25g

Refreshing the skin of your skin with pores and sebum management
Bundle bundle on the outside and sebum care and hydration at once if the inside is dry!

*Sensitive skin soothing
Soothes sensitive skin with ampoule and soft tencel sheet comfortably.

* Healthy skin with skin balance

It contains tea tree leaf water, which helps control excessive sebum and
pores by controlling oil and moisture balance, and manages healthy skin.

* Super tight moisture adhesion to skin

It contains the patented ingredients Amino Acid Complex
and Phyto-Oligo to moisturize the skin and prevent skin moisture loss.

*3in 1

If you manage the skin balance, it helps improve skin tone and wrinkles by containing the ingredients adenosine
and niacinamide announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.