[Denucell] Daily Moisture Mild Milk Cleanser 170ml / 1000ml All Skin Type Wiping Off Makeup Residue

Daily Moisture Mild Milk Cleanser 170ml / 1000ml

Mild cleansing for sensitive skin and moisturizing
*Skin soothing / Soft feeling / Moisture supply

Milk cleanser that can be used on all skin comfortably by wiping off makeup residue
and preventing dryness with a moisture barrier.

*Soft cleansing
Minimizes skin irritation by gently cleansing makeup and residue left on the skin.
* Healthy skin balance
Helps to break down the skin barrier with abundant nutrients and active ingredients to make it healthy.
* Moisturizing moisture
It is a vegetable extract ingredient and natural moisturizing factor that keeps moisture moisturized even after washing.
*Mid Formula
It is a mild formula that removes irritating substances as much as possible and gently cleanses even sensitive skin.

[Recommended for this person]

Those who are looking for a soft and gentle cleansing product
Those who want to remove makeup residue neatly
Those who want to care for moist skin without pulling after cleansing

How to use
Take an appropriate amount and rub it like a massage, then rinse gently with lukewarm water.