[Dentio] Soak Gargle (130mg x24 EA) x 2Box Bad Breath Remover Original/Strong

[Dentio] Soak Gargle (130mg x24 EA)

Flavor your mouth
Refreshing from the inside
Swallow with water.
The mint scent rises from the body and refreshes the mouth.
Made from vegetable soft capsules.
Tick! The moment you pop it, your mouth is filled with a refreshing mint scent!

When do you eat ?
- Before the meeting
-Before dating
-Before and after drinking and smoking
-Before going to bed, after waking up
-After eating strong flavored food
Safe use of natural raw materials, no harmful/chemical ingredients
- Mint oil for long lasting freshness
-Contains cool mint flavored trim, peppermint oil
-Contains extra virgin olive oil from Spain
- Refreshing lemon oil

[How to take]

Swallow it!
If you want to get rid of discomfort from the inside, swallow 1-2 capsules at a time with water.
Chew and tap!
If you want a quicker effect or a stuffy mouth, chew 1-2 capsules at a time in your mouth.

- Please refrain from taking more than 7 capsules per day.
- If you have a weak stomach or have poor digestion, please refrain from taking it.
Also, pregnant/lactating women/children/the elderly should check the name of the ingredient and consult with a specialist before taking it.