Delicious Scenery Organic Yogurt Balls 4Flavor 20g x 4EA Set

Delicious Scenery Organic Yogurt Balls 

20g x 4EA

Combination of organic vegetables and fruits in sweet yogurt
It contains all the natural taste and nutrition.
Organic Yogurt Strawberry Ball/Blueberry with Organic Fruits
Organic Yogurt ABC Bowl with Organic Apple Lettuce Beet and Carrots
Organic Strawberry Ball / Organic Yogurt ABC Ball / Organic Yogurt Plain Ball / Organic Yogurt Blueberry Ball
-No synthetic additives
No chemical additives such as artificial colors, fragrances, and sweeteners
-Contains more than 500 million CFU of 7 types of mixed lactic acid bacteria
- Rich in calcium, zinc, vitamins A, C, D, E
- The use of freeze-drying method preserves taste and aroma and minimizes nutrient destruction.