[Delicious Light Jelly] 30g x 14 packets x2Box A Balanced Diet That Doesnt Starve


[Delicious Light Jelly] 30 g x 14 packets

Delicious satiety & storm diet

When you need a slim line,
a balanced diet that doesn't starve

-Carbohydrate CUT (Main ingredient: Garcinia cambogia extract 750mg)
-Body fat down (main ingredient: indigestible maltodextrin 2,500mg)
-Bowel activity UP (Sub-ingredient: Pineapple concentrate 60brix included)
-100% recommended daily content
-Delicious diet with pineapple flavor
-27kcal per piece
-Manufactured by blending 8 kinds of auxiliary ingredients such as collagen,
hyaluronic acid, and fructooligosaccharide with the research and technology of Julis Choice.
-No additives: color, sugar, caffeine
* 1 packet once a day, enjoy a delicious diet.
If you freeze it coolly in the freezer, the pleasure of eating is doubled!