[DASONI]Sparkling Soda Cream 50ml Refreshing Moisture On Shiny Skin Contains 86% Carbonated Water


Refreshing moisture on shiny skin
Overflowing oil, sagging pores, and insufficient moisture
Filled with refreshing feeling and comfortably filled with sparkling water cooling gel cream

Sparkling Soda Cream

-Provides moisture to the skin that contains 86% carbonated water
17 natural extracts
-Formation of non-stick moisturizing film with cera capsules
Sparkling cream with high content of ceramide made of wax capsules,
which is a lump of moisture consisting of 85% moisture, zero stickiness and oily skin.
-Refreshing gel formulation without stickiness
Cera capsules that are quickly absorbed by the skin
Pview's Oil and Moisture Balance Care
-Cooling effect to lower the skin temperature
-Safe to use because it excludes ingredients that can cause skin irritation,
such as synthetic emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, and artificial colors.

[How to use]
Take the gel and sera capsules evenly and gently apply them until the grains are absorbed.

1. Lower skin temperature and use it before morning makeup so that makeup can be eaten well.
When you go out on a mobile, you can use it before making makeup.
2. It is good to cool down the skin temperature on a summer night when it is difficult to fall asleep in the tropical night.
3. Immediately after going out and exercising, lower the rapidly elevated skin temperature with soda cream.