[DASONI]Real Rose Sleeping Mask 10mlx10EA Gentle Essential Gel Type Moisturizing Contains 75% Roses


You too busy to care for your skin!
While sleeping, cool skin & recharge, do it all at once ~

Real Rose Sleeping Mask

The miracle of real rose that changes morning skin

* No sticky moisture filling
It is a gentle essential gel type that gives a fresh finish with a moisturizing feeling than a moisture cream.

In the last step of skin care, you can apply only one bite and apply it for absorption.

Rather than taking time to manage separately,
you can easily care even on days when you are tired or tired.

Individual hygienic packaging for one-time use, convenient and clean when used.

It is not seasonal.

Use all four seasons with a moisturizing feeling
that is more concentrated than moisture cream.

The secret of cooling and moisturizing, rose petals & rose water

Provence rose, which can be collected only once in a spring, only for 20 days a year,
helps to adjust the pH of the skin to a weak acid, so it can solve the problems of excessive sebum and shine in summer.
It contains 75% of the number of roses, so you can see real rose petals with your eyes.

Main extract (Efficacy is limited to raw material properties)

-Yam root extract: Natural moisturizing to the skin-
Forms a natural moisturizing film on the skin to calm sensitive skin.

-Hibiscus flower extract:
softens skin texture! -Hibiscus flower extract,
which is excellent in removing delicate dead skin cells without irritation, cleans and softens skin texture.

-Fig extract:
With moist and soft skin ~-
Helps soften skin texture and helps to moisturize skin by supplying dry moisture.

Skin irritation test completed

It is safe because it not only excludes ingredients that can cause skin irritation
such as synthetic emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, etc. Another relief!

How to use

At the end of skin care, apply appropriate amount on the entire face, avoiding the eye area.
Roll it so that the rose petals can melt, absorb it sufficiently, and immediately take it to the surface.
The next morning, gently wash with warm water or cleanser.

* Real Rose Sleeping Mask is a product that contains the original rose petals.
The brown discoloration from red rose leaves is natural, and color fading may occur over time.