[DASHIN SHOP]Light Konjac Popcorn 25g x10EA Just 93kcal~ 97kcal Zero flour! Konjac Grain Confection

[Dashin Shop]
3 kinds of Light Konjac Popcorn 25g

93kcal even if you eat one bag!
Crispness that doesn't stop your hands!
Zero flour! Konjac & Grain Confectionery
Sugar 1g, Fat 1g, Healthy nutrition
Light calories 93-97 kcal
Trans fat, saturated fat, cholesterol zero!
Non-GMO corn, konjac use; Contains 2g of dietary fiber
Manufactured in a Haccp certified facility

Corn soup taste 97kcal, a sweet taste that everyone likes.
Charcoal-grilled barbecue flavor 93kcal, a classic snack with attractive charcoal scent
Hot and sweet 95kcal, secretly spicy, addictive end plate king

[Storage method]
Shelf life: 9 months from the date of manufacture,
storage method: Store at room temperature in a cool place without a white light.