[DASHU]Daily Anti Hair Loss Herb Hair Tonic 150ml Functionality to help alleviate hair loss symptoms


Daily Anti Hair Loss Herb Hair Tonic 150ml

-Functionality to help alleviate hair loss symptoms
* Hairline trouble
*Trouble with thinner hair
*Itchy scalp trouble
-Deep cleansing
It contains BHA to help deep cleanse by decomposing dead skin cells and residues covering the scalp,
creating a healthy scalp environment.
-Soothing effect
-Moisture, nutrition supply
Hypoallergenic D-panthenol: Provides moisturizing ability by supplying moisture to the scalp.
Nine herbal complexes: Patented herbal complex, including ginseng, side white leaf, sangbaekpi,
wild chrysanthemum, goji, iris, changja, licorice, and peppermint, provides rich nutrition to the scalp.
-Cooling effect
A refreshingly calming scalp
It helps to maintain freshness for a long time by soothing and refreshing sensitive scalp with menthol content.
Cooling power that provides freshness as soon as sprayed
Hair protection 3 proteins: Human-like proteins such as keratin, silk and milk proteins protect hair and help create a healthy environment.
7 kinds of herbal plant extracts: Green tea, Eoseongcho, Gujeolcho, perilla leaf, rosemary, gosam, and peony help to calm and protect the sensitive scalp.

[How to use]

Shake the product sufficiently before use.
Apply an appropriate amount so that it directly touches the scalp.
Rub the scalp like a massage using fingertip fingerprints so that it is sufficiently absorbed.
* There may be a phenomenon in which the sediment floats in the contents.
This is a sediment caused by herbal extracts, so it is not altered, so you can use it with peace of mind.