[DASHIN]Sugar Free Zero Chocolate Spread / Protein Chocolate / Chocolate Jam 120g (94kcal) x 2/4EA

Sugar Free Zero Chocolate Spread 120g (94kcal)

Protein Chocolate / Chocolate Jam 
Zero Sugars / Zero Net Carbs
Zero sugar-free chocolate spread 94kcal / sugar 0g, protein 14g


* Sugar 0g, pure carbohydrate 0g, sugar-free zero chocolate spread
*Using erythritol, a natural sweetener-It is a carbohydrate that is released without being absorbed into the body.
*1 container 94kcal, fat 4.2g, light nutritional ingredients
*Sturdy protein 14g-By adding ultra-highly concentrated milk protein,
the protein content is significantly higher than that of regular chocolate.
*No synthetic flavoring & coloring & preservatives added
*Cacao mass & cacao butter real dark chocolate
* Convenient room temperature storage tube type

** Shelf Life: 9 months from the date of manufacture
** Store at room temperature in a cool place out of sunlight,
and consume as soon as possible within 1 month after opening.
* Moisture may come out at the first opening-This is because the emulsifier was not used, and it is not deteriorated.
Almost no moisture is generated after opening.
*When stored in the refrigerator, the contents become hard and erythritol grains may be formed.
It is not deteriorated, but it may be hard and sharp, so avoid refrigeration as much as possible.