Dr. Vancor Acne BHA Foam Cleanser 120ml Keratin +trouble Care Contains BHA, PHA, and LHA

Dr. Vancor Acne BHA Foam Cleanser 120ml

Foam cleanser that helps acne skin care and dead skin cell management
-Acne skin relief functional cosmetics
-Contains BHA, PHA, and LHA
-Helps manage dead skin cells.
-Refreshing feeling
-Plant-derived ingredients, including glycerin and centella asiatica extract,
help maintain the skin's moisture and calm sensitive skin after cleansing.
* Due to the nature of the product consisting of plant-derived ingredients,
the color of the formulation may become dark depending on the storage method.
This is a natural phenomenon that does not contain synthetic emulsifiers,
and there is no problem with the product quality, so please use it with confidence.

[How to use]
Moisten your hands and face with lukewarm water and apply an appropriate amount to wet hands to create a foam.
Put the foam on your face and gently cleanse it, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.