[DASHIN] Sweet Potato Chips 30g(113kcal) x 4/8/12EA, Oven-baked as raw sweet potatoes,Healthy snacks

Sweet Potato Chips 30g(113kcal)
baked as raw sweet potatoes

-Sweet potato chips baked sweet potatoes as they are without adding 1g of artificial additives
A different way to enjoy sweet potatoes
Oven-baked, crisper and healthier, sweet potato chips baked
-100% Korean sweet potato, one sweet potato of the Beni Haruka variety in a whole bag.
-Oven roasting
-Crispy texture
-Healthy snacks (NO saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol)
[Recommended in this case.]
-When your mouth is bored in the afternoon
-When you miss the chewy texture during diet management
-A nutritious snack enjoyed by the whole family
-Healthy snacks for pregnant women and children to eat with confidence