[DASHIN] Korean Whole wheat konjac ramen 110g x 5EA NO white flour Protein 12g, Dietary Fiber 10g Diet Food

Whole wheat konjac ramen 110g

Non-fried, lighter whole wheat konjac ramen, healthy ramen without worrying about calories.

Refreshing soup like seafood soup!

* Protein 12g
*Dietary fiber 10g
*1g sugar

-NO white flour! Noodles made from whole wheat, brown rice, and konjac
-Healthy Ramen without frying (steamed noodles), 1.8g fat, 0g trans/saturated fat
-Use of unrefined raw sugar instead of white sugar
-Protein 12g, Dietary Fiber 10g, High Protein & High Dietary Fiber
-Squid base, clean and cool soup
-110g strong and generous cup
-Manufactured in a HACCP certified facility

[How to cook]

Put the noodles and soup in a container and pour hot water up to the inner line.
Cook in a microwave oven (700w) for about 4 minutes.

* Shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.