[DASHIN] Crunch Chicken Chicken Breast Chips 30g/20g x 5/10EA Made With Oven Roasting

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Whole wheat sugar chicken breast chips (original) 30g 114kcal

Crisp, unstoppable taste!
Protein 9g, No White Flour, Roasted
What if you could eat chicken breast like a snack?
* 1 bag 114kcal, fat 0.7g, protein 9g; Light nutrition
* Contains 68.7% Korean domestic chicken breast
* Use whole wheat flour instead of white flour
* Healthy sweetness of unrefined raw sugar
*Unfried baked goods
*Colder air drying, high temperature and high pressure roasting exaggerated, crispy texture
*6 No principle: No white wheat flour, no palm oil, no coloring, no flavoring, no preservatives, no preservatives
-The shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture
-Store in a cool room temperature without sunlight.

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Crunch Chicken Chicken Breast Chips 3 kinds 20g
* Healthy chicken breast chip crunchy chicken made with oven roasting!
* 1 pack (20g) of crunchy chicken contains more than 100g of raw chicken breast.
*Contains 17g of protein!
*Replenish protein deliciously without the burden of calories.
*Real taste that can feel the lightness of 100% domestic antibiotic-free moon breasts. 20g 77.3Kcal
-A burning hot taste that relieves stress with seasoning with hot habanero 20g 78.6Kcal
-Natural cheese and savory flavor using only natural spices, savory cheese taste that keeps your hands going 20g 92.1Kcal

Crunchicken Real taste 20g 77.3Kcal

Crunchicken Savory Cheese Taste 20g 92.1Kcal

Crunchicken A Burning Hot Taste 20g 77.3Kcal