[DANAHAN] RG2 EX Prestige Deep Wrinkle Line Cream 50ml + Premium EX Firming Neck Cream 50ml Set

RG2 EX Prestige Deep Wrinkle Line Cream 50ml

Prestige EX palm wrinkle cream

This is a total aging care line that comprehensively cares for complex skin distress experienced by the skin
(parts, steps, wrinkles, dull skin tone, and elasticity) from the skin source.

Pure RG2, which has excellent skin affinity and low irritation,
intensively cares for deep facial wrinkles that show signs of age like the wrinkles around the mouth.
RG2 is a key ingredient that quickly responds to external stimuli that irritate the skin and keeps the skin healthy.

How to use

After using the emulsion or before using the cream (eye cream step),
take an appropriate amount and apply it carefully to the area of the mouth including the wrinkles to absorb.
You can also use it on areas with troubled facial wrinkles, such as forehead and forehead.

RG2 Premium Firming Neck Cream 50ml

It contains red ginseng extract to help improve neck wrinkles and fill in curved areas with wrinkles.
It strengthens the elasticity of the skin of the neck with the phytosan extracted from soybeans, making the skin younger.

RG2 Prestige EX Deep Wrinkle Line Wrinkle Cream --50ml
RG2 Premium EX Firming Neck Cream ---50ml
RG2 Prestige EX Skin Softener (for presentation)--31ml
RG2 Prestige EX emulsion (for presentation)--31ml
RG2 Prestige EX Essence (for presentation)--12ml

* This configuration is a planning set, and the set configuration is subject to change.