Damteo Hancha 15g x 40T Korea Traditional Ssanghwa Tea

Damteo Hancha 15g x 40T

Rich and deep taste Damteo Hancha
-7 traditional teas for my body
Premium Hancha filled with carefully selected Cheongung, Jagalang, Angelica, Hwanggi, Sukjihwang, Licorice, and Cinnamon.
-Make it lighter with nuts!
It contains concentrated powder that relieves the bitterness of Ssanghwa raw materials,
and savory almond, walnut, and jujube toppings, so anyone of all ages can enjoy it deliciously.

How to enjoy it

Add 1 packet (15g) of powder stick.
Pour 1 cup (about 90ml) of cold or hot water (about 90℃).
Stir well with a spoon to serve.