Damteo Cold Brew Tea Strawberry Hibiscus (1.5g x 20T) x 3EA Korean Healthy Tea Fruit tea 0 kcal

Damteo Cold Brew Tea Strawberry Hibiscus
1.5g x 20 T

Cold brew tea that is soaked well in cold water and enjoyed cool all year round.
You can enjoy the sweet and sour blend of strawberries and hibiscus at 0 kcal, so you can enjoy it casually.
-Easy cold brouty that oozes well in 3 minutes in cold water
-Blend of bright red hibiscus and fresh strawberries to replenish your eyes and lips

[How to drink]

Cool Cold Brew Tea

Put the tea bag in cold water (100-150ml) and boil for 3 minutes, then add ice to enjoy.
-Put enough cold brew tea in an ice tray to freeze and enjoy with an ice bar.